Monday, May 25, 2009

A Special Treat

Tonight we went to a memorial day meal at my mom's. When we got home I asked Rylee to do what she always does and open Tegan's door and stand there with him while I carry in our bags and other things we drag with us when we leave the house for two hours. Anyways I was headed back out to get Teg out of the car and I heard Rylee (who didn't see me coming) say to Tegan "maybe if you ask him he will come." Well I couldn't even imagine what she was talking about so I scared her first and then asked her what was she talking about. She went on to tell me that she knew that I always wanted a big family and thought that maybe if her and Tegan both ask Cohen to come back from heaven then maybe he would do it. It literally brought tears to my eyes for two reasons....Yes I always wanted a big family but all my pregnancy troubles caused me to not have the heart to deal with pregnancy again but it made me sad that Rylee thinks that her and Tegan aren't enough. The second is that I only wish I had her innocents to believe that she could wish her baby brother back to earth....sometimes I wish the same thing but I realize the horrible reality.
This story gets a little better here. Immediately after she says that to me she looks up and out across the field there is a beautiful rainbow albeit a half rainbow but it was beautiful to us and that is b/c Rylee believes that the rainbow was Cohen's way of letting us know he is there in heaven and in our hearts. She thought it was the greatest thing ever....and so did I!!!

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