Friday, May 15, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Eight plus one and maybe one more

I mean seriously what the heck is going on with Jon and Kate??? This is the couple that could handle having twins and sextuplets, they are suppose to be able to handle anything! Some days I struggle to make it through the day without shooting the nearest adult with only two kids but yet they have survived four (or five??) years with eight kids! Constantly lately there is something in the paper about Jon cheating or partying. I just can't even imagine that unless this image we all have of him from the show was all an act and in that case somebody better give this guy an acting job b/c he had me sold. Yes, I am right there with the people that say that Kate had started to get on their nerves lately with the way she talks to Jon and bosses him around. I mean on the night that they got those new puppies that she was so excited about and then they started peeing on her floor and she started screaming for Jon as if he had filled their bladder and forced them to pee there...that night really got on my nerves. But even with all the being a little over the top, that still doesn't give him a free pass to leave his family at home and run all over the place drinking and be caught in a car in the middle of the night with a 20 something girl. I mean seriously....platonic, nobodies buying that! Then this last week they are saying that Kate is cheating on Jon with one of their traveling bodyguards. What is this world coming to when this family that seemed to all be on the same page is now nothing that we once thought. Can all this really be true???

While I'm on my TV soapbox let me just say SERIOUSLY! Grey's Anatomy is possibly killing off two great characters....can they do that without the viewers voting. Wait, maybe I am watching to many reality shows. Anyways I knew it was George from the very beginning after Meridith drilled that hole in his head and he popped open his eyes. I was literally screaming it at the TV for them to save his life b/c it was the guy they all cared so much about. I like Izzy but George is a good guy and a good character on there....they have to keep him. Everyone is speculating in so many different ways but here is mine, they are going to shock us all in next seasons premier by having them both be dead. Not one, not either but both. I hope I'm wrong!

I know what you are thinking, what on earth is this girl going to do all summer without her TV shows and my answer to that is, maybe I will get something done around here or else I will just sit on the computer googling Jon and Kate and Spoiler alerts for Grey's!!!

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  1. Gasp..reality tv isn't real? What about Newlyweds?? Oh, that's right, they divorced. And that Brittany spears one, oh...they divorced, too. I am kind of seeing a pattern here. :) (But I do hope it isn't true for those precious 8.)