Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Life Part 1

This is titled part 1 b/c in the next couple of months my immediate family will grow by 3 babies...starting with today!!! My brother and sister-in-law welcomed a 7 lb 5 oz baby boy they named Konner Thomas. In the next few weeks my sister will add another little girl to the family as well as my niece(the daughter of the sister having the baby...another post another time) will be having a girl sometime in July. I guess you could call this our own personal baby boom!!!

Here are just a few pictures to taunt you with....more to come later!!!

The proud sister!

Oh did I mention I got a new camera!!!!! These were taken with that super nice new Mother's Day present I got. I felt like a real photographer shooting pictures left and right today. It didn't even matter that my family was making fun of me for being camera/picture obsessed!!!

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  1. Congrats on the baby boom!! I love babies - especially if they are someone elses!! LOL
    I had really great babies, no complaints, but now it's nice to cuddle with them but give them back when they cry or need a diaper changed. Have fun with all the new additions to your family!!