Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Son,

I am the woman who on a daily basis feeds you, holds you down to give you a bath and practically sits on you to brush your teeth on a nightly basis. I wrestle you like a man wrestling a bear to get you in to your clothes every morning and pj's every night. I have allowed you to pee on me and spit up on me on a regular basis. I listen to your screams if I don't sit still in the middle of the living room floor like you would like ALL DAY LONG. I catch the flying groceries that you chunk from my cart all the way through the grocery store all while receiving awful stares from strangers who have obviously never had kids.
So I ask you this my sweet son, why this week while Rylee is on spring break, which means that me and Rylee get to sleep as late as we would like, do you choose to wake up at the crack of dawn!!! When Rylee has school and I have to get up, you like to sleep until 9:00 every morning but not this week. You then proceed to throw your pacifier out of your baby bed and stand there screaming BABABABABABABAB!!!! Which is what you call it, only it will not come to you like a dog so then you start to scream with a force that will drive any overtired mom out of bed for fear that you are hanging by your toes from the ceiling only to enter your room and see you standing there with not a tear in your eye and a huge smile on your face and wanting your pacifier which you threw out just to have an excuse to cry.
Dear son as I chase you through the house tonight after your bath while you are naked and attempting to mark your territory with a steady stream of urine please just wear yourself out enough to sleep a little later in the morning!!!!

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