Monday, April 20, 2009

To make then list or list then make???

Lately one of my big sellers (and gifts from me) have been these great little baby sets I make. I make a small blankee....more like a security blanket but also perfect to cover them up with in an infant car seat, then a matching burp cloth and bib. People really love them. My question today is this, do a lot of you make an item and have pictures of it, then sell it and just relist or list the item without it being made and then say that there is a two week time period before item is shipped. I would much rather have my items already made b/c well, I'm just that anal that when someone buys something I think it should be in the mail that very same day. But it really isn't cost or time affective for me to have a whole bunch of stuff made that just sits there waiting to be sold. Some stuff may never sell and here I am stuck with it and have wasted my time making it. Any one do it this then make there item???


  1. Love the polka dots!! Very cute colors too.

  2. Love these! Glad to see something cute for boys too!