Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange you praying for Stellan

UPDATE: Me and Teg made it on MckMama's blog!!!! There is actually two pictures, one of me and him and one of just him!!!! Oh, Stellan is out of surgery but that is all we know right now.

O.k. cheesy title...if you don't get it, the word orange is in the place of aren't! Anyways I am wearing orange today in support of Stellan. I sent in my picture but I am sure they have been so overwhelmed with "orange" pictures that it may or may not make it on the blog. She is approaching 10 million hits for her blog soon and I am sure she will fly right past that with all us addicted people refreshing her blog for updates on the little man. I think the world feels like Stellan is theirs and at this point there is nothing to do but pray really hard and trust that he will be just perfect! The most recent update was that there is fluid in his lungs and tissue. Sweet boy needs our prayers at this point. And so does his dr.'s! I really do wonder if that dr. is nervous doing a surgery this risky on a small baby like him or is he at peace! I pray for MckMama herself to be at peace!!!
For Stellan updates head over HERE!

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