Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stay at home WHAT???

Who ever came up with the name Stay at home mom was obviously a man who didn't stay at home. I have been running and running and running lately. Here's the run down:
Since Tegan is behind on his immunizations (another post), he is catching up on them one shot at a time. Which means lots and lots of visits to the peds office in Athens. So last Wed. started the mad rush and he got one of his much needed shots.

Thursday Rylee had a follow-up appointment at the urologist to find out her recent test results. We got there at 3:30 keeping our fingers crossed that we would get lucky and get called back by our 4:00 appointment time. At 4:00 they put up a sign on the counter that said that her dr. was running ONE HOUR behind schedule. We sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half before being called back only to have the dr. not speak to me but into his fancy little tap recorder the whole time. It was very awkward and I didn't know if I should look at him or look away. Anyways, Rylee has double kidney reflux and gets to take some great meds for the next six months.

Saturday Rylee went to a birthday party in watkinsville which resulted in me having to get up early on my sleep in day!!!! The party started at 10:00 so we had to leave here by 9:00.

Monday poor Tegan got the raw end of the deal with Rylee having kidney reflux and had to undergo the same test she did. It was bad enough for her but the whole catheter thing just seems worse for a boy. But no worries b/c he was going to be sedated and never know. WRONG!!!! Oh they gave him the sedation medicine but the problem was it didn't affect him one bit and they weren't allowed to give him anymore. They assured me that he would probably knock out right after getting the test started so I agreed to move forward. WRONG AGAIN! He screamed and me and three other nurses had to hold him down while one nurse took pictures of his body and the other was pouring warm water all over my little man trying to get him to pee! This went on for 15 minutes until I finally told them they had to stop. My poor man! We don't know his results yet, if they were even able to tell but either way, he won't be doing that again.

Tuesday I had a test at Athens Tech very early in the morning. I passed!!!!

Wed. Tegan had another shot. almost there.

Tomorrow (which would be Thursday if you have lost track) Rylee will be having her two bottom front baby teeth pulled. Her two permanent teeth have already come in behind those and those are in the way so they will help her "wiggle" them out in the morning at 9:45 am in watkinsville. you still think that I am a stay at home mom or what?!?!?!

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