Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And visions of Sugar Plums danced in their heads...

So last week I watched this brutally honest Oprah show (you may have heard of her) that was the truth about motherhood. It definitely had me laughing b/c although sometimes it doesn't feel funny to me when I cut corners or fall apart, it is funny to hear other peoples stories and feel like I can relate.
For me the truth is pretty simple. I'm not sure I am so nice when I have been stuck at home all day with a screaming almost 20 month old and then go to sit in a long line of cars to pick up a sweet little girl whom when we get home will whine the word mama over and over and over again!!! Wow that was a mouthful.
I remember the whole time I was pregnant with Tegan just begging Paul to let me stay at home with him. I had this vision, you know the one, where we would sleep late (o.k. I do that) and I would be so well rested. I would have a perfect house and cook huge meals. Recently I read on another blog about coming out of the newborn fog, well I ask you this...when will I come out and did I mention my youngest is 19 months old????? I still fill like the fog has not lifted on most days. My house is a wreck, there's not much cooking, I would rather be beat than going to the grocery store or walmart with my little guy and some days I'm not sure if I brush my teeth and get dressed until 2:00 when it is time to go get Rylee! Don't get me wrong I love to be home with him but that is mostly b/c I just don't want to leave him with anyone else. Most of my issues have been the walls closing in on me and its not exactly how I imagined it and oh let's not forget that I never ever get off of work...ever! I have recently realized that I am not very organized and suck at time management which are two qualities one must have to stay at home and ever get anything accomplished!
So I am sorry to say that if have the dreams of staying at home with your little one, seek out the reality and don't have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head!!! You will be disappointed if you do!!!

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