Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids Clothes=Cash

So a few weeks ago I realized that I had missed the local consignment sell that I have once before sold my kids old clothes in. I kept looking at these piles of clothes and thinking that the local thrift store would be my easiest option to get rid of them. Then I remembered I had an ebay account. I took the clothes and put all the same sizes in stacks together and listed them in "lots" of boys and girls clothes. It was tons easier than tagging, hanging and delivering them to the consignment plus I got to keep all the money!!!! I think I will do this every year instead of doing the consignment sales. EASY doesn't even explain it.

Rylee's clothes proved to be the golden ticket bringing in a easy $91.00 plus $20 to cover the shipping!

These are Teg's 18 month sizes which proved to bring a little more money. The bigger the kids sizes the more people will pay! This lot brought yet another easy $41 plus $18 for shipping.

These are Teg's 12 month clothes. The smaller the sizes the less you get but at least I got something and got rid of them all at the same time for $17.00 plus their shipping cost.

I also sold a few other little odds and ends around the house, didn't get a whole lot for them but something is better than nothing these days! So let's recap...I made $149.00 easy dollars and got the clutter out, do you have any better ideas?!?!?

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