Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day Feature....

So let's change it up a little this week (o.k. so every week) and do the feature on hump day! I promised this seller I would do her feature last week and somehow time just kept going by....I'm still not sure how that happens.

So here she is:


I've loved making handmade things since I was teeny-tiny. I've been trying to indulge this passion more and more over the past 4 years and have picked up crochet, quilting, and sewing! When I'm not at work (medical insurance - yawn) I'm usually off to the local fabric & craft stores to oogle the newest and brightest goodies I see... then home to test my ideas.
I live with my non-crafty Electrical Engineer husband, Justin... and our little puppy dog, Hazel. (She's a poodle mix which means she doesn't shed!) While I'm upstairs sewing or crocheting, Justin is shooting things up in World of Warcraft or whatever it is he plays.

I have a brand new Janome sewing machine, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and don't remember my life without it... ok, I do. I did a lot more crocheted items back then :) I put lots of love into each item I make, and hopefully it shines through. I call Etsy my "hobby" for now - but who knows?... could I actually MAKE money doing this some day? Time will tell.

What a great bio from this weeks feature! Now let's see some of her great items...

Tree Blanket - Robert Kaufman fabric - Green and Brown - Baby or Toddler size - Gender Neutral

Clutch Bag - Marimekko Poppy

Baby Blanket Toddler Blanket - Crocheted - Orange - Gender Neutral - OOAK

I think it is safe to say that my favorite is the Tree Blanket pictured first. I love it!!
Our feature this week just returned from a mission trip so let's give her some welcome home love and shop her etsy shop!!!


  1. Thanks Tabitha! And here's my blog:

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  3. Thanks so much for adding me to your blog list.


  4. Very cute! If you get a sec...check out my blog - i left you a little award there! Thank you!

  5. I love that clutch bag!