Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Sew much fun....

HA! So me and mom made big plans that today she was going to come over to the house at 9:00 and stay for a few hours and take care of Tegan while I strictly sat at the sewing machine and made some diaper bags or handbags. Well Paul has had all this crud and congestion this past week but everyone else has been fine. Rylee was perfect when she went to sleep last night but about 2:00 a.m. she woke up crying saying she had snot all over her. Yes people, I said snot. At first I thought that she must be confused and really had thrown up or something but nope she was right, it was snot and boy was I glad it wasn't throw up. Her nose had apparently been running a lot and she used her hand as a kleenex in her sleep and then she got it everywhere. She said her throat her also. So I doped her up with some medicine and zicam in her nose, changed her clothes and cleaned up the rest of the nasty stuff and put her back in the bed but at that point the damage was done and she was wide awake and couldn't get back to sleep. So needless to say she got up about 10 more times between the times of 2:00 am and about 5:00 am. So this morning I just decided to not only let her stay home from school but also not wake Paul up and let him sleep since he feels like crap also. So at around 7:30 I called mom to cancel her help for the day. Oh well, maybe next week!

Sorry it's sideways but does this look like the face of a sick little girl or a little girl who was just happy to get a day out of school. Just kidding....she really can't breath!

Boy it is cloudy outside. Here comes the rain!

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