Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another big day

Yesterday was another one of those dreaded big days for Tegan. He had to have an ElectroRetino Gram at Emory yesterday. It was a long test and he didn't really like the whole process. This test will determine if his Nystagmus is caused by Retinal Dystrophy....which the Dr. doesn't think he has but has to do the test to be sure. We left home around 10:30 and arrived in Atlanta at Emory around 12:15. They called us right back at 1:00 (his appt. time) and talked us through the process. They had to dilate his eyes and also put in numbing drops which they said would sting. He held out o.k. for a few minutes. Then we had to sit in a room the size of a closet with him in the complete dark for 20 minutes before beginning the test. When they came in and started taping all the wires and electrodes all over his head he started having a fit. He screamed and screamed. Picture this, me, Paul, Tegan and two doctors in the room no bigger than a small bathroom or a walk-in closet with a big testing machine in it and no air blowing and him screaming and me trying to calm him down but I can't get up and walk him b/c he is all connected to stuff. He probably screamed for 15 minutes, by this time I was burning up and my head hurt and then he was burning up but eventually went to sleep. Very slowly they continued to hook him up to stuff but since he was asleep the test peice had to be like a contact lens with a whole lot of extra bulk on it to sit on his eye and then hold that eye open. They managed to get that on there without him waking so he made it through most of the actual test asleep but he then woke up and was not happy about this huge thing on his eye and began screaming. They were suppose to do both eyes but luckily they called it a day and only got the reading from his right eye. If something comes back bad with that then we will have to have the other one done, if it is o.k. then he shouldn't have to have that again. The machine that reads the cell functions in his eye was horrible b/c I had to hold him the entire test, I too had to sit in front of the machine, in the dark with these horrible flashing light right in my face and did I mention I had a headache and was very hot!!!! But me and him both made it through and we finally got out of there at around 3:00 and headed home. Not one of my most favorite days at all but not the worst either. But just another stepping stone that my poor Tegan has to go through. Hopefully we are getting to the end of all this testing and they will soon determine his delays are just the nystagmus and we can concentrate on our next move with that.

I think the stress is getting to me. I haven't felt well today with a lot of stomach cramping and just so weak and tired feeling but I'm starting to feel better this afternoon. Luckily Paul has been home to help with Tegan!

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