Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Tegan!!!!

Today Tegan is six months old....time flies! Of course another month older means another doctors visit. Usually I leave the Dr. informed and feeling like me and the Dr. are on the same page about Tegan but not today. Don't get me wrong, I love Rylee and Tegan' pediatrician but today I didn't feel like he was hearing all the good and was only hearing the bad. There are still lots of things that our little guy has got to catch up on but given the progress he has made in just the past week I feel like things are moving in the right least things aren't standing still anymore. Unfortunately me and him both have came to the same conclusion about someone specializing in Nystagmus (his eye condition), there just isn't anyone. As we talked he did suggest that maybe some of Tegan's issues are just him being a little slower physically and moving at his own pace but he also mentioned some other scenario's of things it could be...which I will not mention b/c I am keeping with what I have been learning, the power of positive thinking. Truthfully since I have started this study of the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking and envisioning Tegan catching up and being totally healthy is when he started to roll over, reach a little for a toy, look at his feet, hold his bottle, etc... Dr. Glassman mentioned today that we shouldn't expect Tegan to walk until well after he is 18 months old, that I do not agree with at all. I will not let Dr.'s suggest things like that and make me feel like there is a limitation on him. So own to his monthly stats: The heavyweight weighed in at 19 lbs 13 oz!!! Yes he is in the 90th percentile for basically everything. His length had the biggest jump of all which was 27 1/2" long. Unfortunately he was postponed on getting his immunizations yet again, so far he has only gotten the 2month round b/c shortly after that was when his problems started.

Rylee had to go for a possible urinary tract infection which she has but they couldn't tell if it was just that or also a kidney infection so they sent her urine off to be tested further and will call us tomorrow about getting her antibiotics.

On a lighter note, last night Tegan kept rolling from his back to his belly and for the first time me and Paul actually got to see him roll from his belly back to his back. I was so excited to see that although it looked like more of an accident but that's o.k. with me.

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