Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting what he wants...

Most of you have already figured out that Tegan is pretty good at getting me to do anything that he wants. Well with eating baby food, things are no different. He loves any and all fruit that I give him but when it comes to vegetables, he is his mama's child. He had been eating squash really well but I went two days without giving him vegetables ( don't worry he only gets baby food once a day so this is easy to do) so when I attempted it last night, he didn't agree with me. First off I have tried to get him to eat green beans and peas before and he pretty much refuses anything green and makes a horrible face. So I tried peas again the other night and he kept making that funny face and wouldn't open his mouth so I went and got squash. Well apparently he figured out that maybe if he turned his nose up to squash that I would then go and get yet another baby food and try that. But I stood my ground and decided he would eat the squash or wait for his next bottle....which is pretty much what happened. After having squash literally spit at me several times I called it quits. I kept trying to get a picture of him making that face he makes when he doesn't like it but he would stop as soon as he saw the camera. Well the second one below is sortof close to it. He was trying to stop the look when I snapped the picture.

He is the cutest little guy ever! That is the squash coming back out which he doesn't usually do anymore.
This is sortof the face. Atleast you get the idea.

Stop with the camera lady!

Refusing a bite of squash.

What color are this kids eyes? Can anyone tell me! I suck at the eye color thing but some days they look one color and the next day a different color.
So Handsome!

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