Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little lesson on PRUNES....

Disclaimer: the following post contains graphic details of Tegan's pooping so please do not read any further if you do not care to! HA!
So since Tegan eats so much cereal in his bottles and is now eating baby food his dirty diapers have become not so dirty and a little harder to come by. It's almost like his whole digestive track has already changed. So Sunday night I decided that I was going to feed him some prunes to sort of help him out a little. Well I didn't really expect him to like them so I had planned to try to get him to eat half of a jar and then give him something else for the other half of his meal. But he loved the prunes....he loved them so much that he ate the whole jar. What was I thinking??? Yesterday the boy began pooping and they were very dirty....very, very dirty and stinky. To the point that even though he had a clean diaper you could still smell it all day so once he had several dirty diapers like that and I thought he was done, I had to give him a bath. He was so happy that he could go to the bathroom without all that grunting. Unfortunately for my mom, she caught the worst of it b/c she was keeping him yesterday morning. It has been five years since I did the baby food thing with Rylee so I really did forget that giving him the whole jar probably wasn't a good idea. But needless to say it worked and he is a happy camper. Now so far today.....nothing yet so let's hope he doesn't have to have prunes daily to help him out.

End disclaimer!

On a different note the weekend was pretty busy. I think we stayed home on Friday night although I can't really remember. Saturday I went to the grocery store that morning all by myself. I was so proud of that. Then that night Paul wanted to go with his family to eat at a fish house in Cornelia, Baldwin, Clarkesville....something like that, I'm not sure where we went. Tegan almost freaked out a few times b/c it was loud in there but I stayed in his line of vision and he did great besides spitting up all over me which then went all down my shirt sleeve on the inside of it running down my arm. Then Rylee took a big drink of her milk and turned to talk to me and either forgot to close her mouth or just didn't care b/c her milk then went down the other side of me. Then I was turning Tegan around and he grabbed Rylee's straw on the rest of her milk which then landed in the floor all over the bottom of my pants and all over my shoes...did I mention I was wearing crocs with the open holes on the top. Then Sunday morning we went to church where Tegan and his little friend talked to each other across the whole church during church. That is way better than crying I guess. Paul is a bad influence on him and kept trying to make him laugh out loud...that is the last time Paul holds him during church. I went ahead and gave both children an early afternoon bath and while getting out of the tub Rylee started screaming and crying and saying her back hurt, she was very squirmy and seemed to really be in pain. So I thought I was about to take her to the hospital but she wouldn't let me get her dressed b/c she said it hurt so bad. No she didn't hit it or anything so I'm not sure what was going on but after a few minutes it started to pass and she has been fine ever since. Then Sunday afternoon we went to celebrate my dad's "38th" (whatever) birthday with him at Red Lobster. Dad denies his age and would kill me if I told you what it really was. Then Sunday night we went to bed fairly early where I then laid and looked at the clock until almost 5 am Monday morning. It was one of those restless, I can't go to sleep nights. So after finally falling asleep at around 5 am, Tegan woke up at 6:30 and that was that. Of course Rylee actually slept all night long on the one night I couldn't sleep. Needless to say I got a great nights sleep last night. Tomorrow both kids have Dr.'s appointments, Tegan for his six month check-up and Rylee for a possible urinary tract or kidney infection, so I should have some good weight updates for Tegan.

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