Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it that I missed my sweet boy roll over for the very first time. You would think that I was gone or not nearby by but I had just turned my back and walked out of the room and heard a giggle, as I walked right back in the room the little boy that I had left on his belly was now on his back. The little turd!!!! I have watched him for months waiting on this to happen as he is 6 months old next week and should have done this about 2 months ago and then he goes and does it when no one is looking.
On a different note.....MY BOY FINALLY ROLLED OVER! Could this be the start of something bet! He is about to start catching up I just know it. Of course I tried and tried to get him to do it again but he didn't even try. I know this is the easy way for a baby to roll over but he has never even pushed up with his arms or really do anything while on his belly so I am just so excited. He does roll up on his side when laying on his back and try to roll over but hasn't been successful. He is well on his way. I just hope when he rolls over the next time that somebody witnesses it.

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