Saturday, February 9, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This boy has got to be the cutest boy you have ever seen! This is our set up for him trying to learn to hold his head up and look around. It doesn't really like it. It is a boppy lounger on bottom with a regular boppy on top so that it seems like he is on his knees. We are trying to lift him up higher to visually stimulate him a little more since he has no interest being on his belly and looking around.

This is the behind shot of him doing his version of "tummy time"

This is him after tummy time and exercise time. He loves this blanket and when given to him during nap time he likes to pull it up to his face and go to sleep.

O.k. so I had to take a picture.....this is a picture of the very first time in the five months that Tegan has been with us that the germaphobe mom (that would be me) allowed Rylee to actually touch his hand! She was so proud she insisted on me taking a picture.

Rylee was dancing on the coffee table.

Yes, Daddy and Tegan are laying on a very girly pink blanket for play time.

It seems like lately we just haven't had a chance to rest. Maybe this next week me and Tegan will have some relaxing days although that is unlikely b/c my mom is making me work on some diaper bags while she comes and sits with Tegan for me. I guess I talked about needing to make money enough that she decided to push me in the right direction.

Tegan had a day full of not wanting to sleep at all. He was wide awake all day yet would cry b/c he was tired. He gave it up pretty good tonight at bed time. I can't complain about him not sleeping during the day today b/c usually during the week he sleeps like clock work during the day and he is an excellent nighttime sleeper.
Me, Tegan, mama, Shannon, Caden, Melissa and the little girl she keeps, Mallory, all went to a consignment sale on Friday. It was good in theory but I think that the clothes I was going to look at was the highest in demand therefore they were very picked over by the time we got there. Shannon came out good getting a very pretty twin size comforter for Breanna's bed. And Mama, you know the one who didn't want to go but we made her, got the most for her adopted grandchild, Breanna. For those of you who don't know she will be adopting one of my kids soon isn't that right Shannon?

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