Thursday, February 7, 2008

Law of Attraction

So yesterday I was watching Oprah and it was all about the Law of Attraction. The meaning is that we are what we think we are, we get what we think we get and feel like we think we feel. The concept is the "Power of Positive thinking." Does this really work? Well Paul reads lots of Joel Osteen and now some other guy who talks about the way we think and he has been telling me these things for months now but I haven't listened. I guess b/c no matter how positive he thinks, we still keep having bad luck. But maybe I'm screwing that up with my negative thinking. There is a book that they kept talking about yesterday called The Secret (I've already ordered it from Amazon) and it tells you what the secret is to life. Everyone kept talking about how the book tells you to create a visualization board. Which is mostly things that you want to achieve, recieve or give. Like for instance my body has hurt since I had Tegan....well really since I had Rylee and the fact that I just complain about it doesn't do any good. If I get up everyday and say I feel good, am healthy and feel better than ever then the law of attraction will bring that to me. I don't neccessarily believe in the law of attraction, well maybe it does exist but I believe that the law of attraction is God and only what God wants you to have. They had a woman on there yesterday that wanted to remodel her kitchen one day so she cut out a picture of a super expensive stove and put it on her visualization board. When she got to remodel the kitchen she still wasn't ready to pay that much for a stove so she got a lower end stove. They brought out two stoves to her and both didn't work and so the store owner wanted to give her something for he trouble so he gave her a more expensive stove for the price of the one she had purchased earlier. When she got home she looked at the picture on her board and noticed it was the exact same stove that had been on her board for over a year! I'm not saying that we will get everything we want but take my situation for example, I have Tegan....when I was pregnant with Tegan and almost lost him at 20 weeks I prayed for God to give me this baby no matter what. Here he is, the cutest baby in the whole world but may have some life long problems, well if I invision him never accomplishing things out of his reach or never being normal then the likely hood that will happen is great. If I invision him making great strides and being normal and accomplishing things beyond what doctors say he can accomplish then that will happen.

So this morning I tested my theory out....I was tired and well, lazy and didn't want to do anything so I started thinking about what it would be like to get out of the shower and my kitchen be clean and laundry done. It was disappointing when that didn't exactly happen but I got a burst of energy and began cleaning and here it is 2:00 and my kitchen is clean and all the sheets in the house have been washed. So even though I hate to admit it maybe Paul is right, we need to change our thinking and let God give us the gifts that he wants to give us and stop fighting these gifts by being negative and thinking negative. Maybe good things haven't happened to us over the past two years b/c we keep thinking "What Next?"
I know some of you think this post is crazy but I am going to read the book and also another book that Oprah has recommended called "A New Earth" and follow the steps and change what's in my heart and mind and test the theory! I will blog about it on a regular basis and I will take pictures once I complete my visualization board.....I want so many things that I may need many boards! By wanting things I don't mean all material, I mean Health, energy, worry free, etc.... and maybe a few material things!

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  1. I need to think positive more often, too. I just might have to buy that book and make some time to read it. Seems like nothing else could go wrong these days, you know?