Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why are you following me with that camera

Seriously...I'm pretty sure this little lady was wondering why I was following her. This past Sunday the weather finally cooperated and let me do a photography session. Of course it would work this know, we have been in a drought for a few years and the minute I start doing something outside, we flood every weekend! I have two sessions scheduled this weekend and it looks like I scheduled them perfect. I have one on Thursday night (not exactly the weekend), then the rain starts on Friday and into Saturday, then it clears up and I have a session with a large family on Sunday. I am soooo excited about the large family and the whole generation thing. Today I wanted to show you a few pics of the PRECIOUS little girl I did some pictures of on Sunday. The overall session was focused on the family of three for their Christmas card but I couldn't resist this little beauty. And She was all about exploring which means that I could just follow her around and got some great pics. I'll post some of the family shots later but for now here are a few of Miss K....

My favorite one of the whole day.

That's the "stop following me with that big black thing in your hand" look!

The little church was unlocked (which has never happened before) so we did a few pics inside....I wonder if that was o.k.??

Sneaky Sneaky! She was planning her escape!

I love this one. I think she was mad at that rock but I'm not sure...maybe it was me:)
This little lady was very quiet and curious, which makes the best subjects. No screaming and crying or any of that. Just a lot of running!

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