Saturday, October 10, 2009

We went to the County Fair...

Rylee's favorite part!

He was running from me at this point and using the bench as protection!

Teg was serious about driving that airplane!

After our trip to the fair, I vowed to never leave the house with Tegan again and especially not take him to a fair until he is old enough to pay his own way! He was everywhere! He was running circles around people, running in to people, running through peoples legs, etc.... When we would make him hold our hands he would scream bloody murder and try to throw himself on the ground in what I consider a dramatic 2 year old fashion. But I guess he had fun and all the crowds and noise didn't bother him so that is good. Today we are trying the pumpkin patch so I will let you know if Teg will ever go anywhere again after today:)

Running like Superman

Still running!

You get the picture!

Teg's first pony ride. He loved it!

Ry holding on for dear life!

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