Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Please don't come back again to stay!!! We have been getting lots of rain here in Georgia. Every time it comes a flood all I hear is "I know we need it but" PEOPLE...WE DON"T NEED IT ANYMORE! I think it is safe to say that the drought is over. I heard on the news tonight that lakes that haven't been full pool in years are above full pool now. Let's stop asking for rain and maybe we will stop getting it.
At first it was nice. You know, it would rain and I wouldn't leave the house for days but now it is getting ridiculous and for some reason I think I can't leave the house when it rains. It started off as a nice leisure morning around my house. It was raining and cold outside so we stayed in. By the end of the day we all needed to be separated!!!! Not to mention that I started off having five outdoor photography sessions scheduled for this weekend. Then one cancelled, then another. So I still had three sessions....well two of those were today. You know, the day that showed no rain in the forecast! Yes...those had to be rescheduled. So I still have the one tomorrow and if that one doesn't happen I plan to lay in bed and cry tears to add to the lake which we call our front yard. I have an itch to take pictures and I am ready to take some pictures. So hopefully tomorrow will bring no rain and a little sunshine!

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