Friday, October 23, 2009

That's just life!

Last night I did a photo session of a group that was hands down very photogenic. I will post more pictures of them later as the mom sees them and tells me I can. I want her to get to see most of them first. But to start with I wanted to do a little background on what it took to get to this session! We had the pictures scheduled for last Sat. The weather man called for a beautiful day so we were good to go. Well on the Wed. night before the session, the 4(almost 5) year old decided to curl her hair and ended up burning her forehead with a curling iron. So we debated on canceling and decided to go ahead. Then Mom and Dad of the group fell ill to something between a cold and the flu but we decided to go ahead anyway (I can hear you all now...."What a germaphobe won't do for a little money!") Anyways, I wake up to that beautiful Saturday morning only to see rain and some really cold weather. So the session was put off! Mom and Dad finally recovered from being on the brink of death and we re-scheduled for last night (Thurs.). I get to the location we were doing the pics and the gates are locked. So at the risk of being arrested....we went over the gate. Nothing was going to stop us from doing these pics. Well when I first saw Miss thing's burnt forehead I was a little worried but mom kept saying "That's just life". The session was lots of fun and I got lots and lots of great pictures of the whole family. Luckily in most of the family pictures, you can't see the place on Miss Thing's head but every single picture of this adorable spunky little girl by herself shows that spot on her. I was a little worried about how mom was going to feel about the place showing up so much but she keeps giving the same response..."That's just Life!"

The odd thing to me right now is that in this can barely see the place but in my editing's bright and can be. Maybe it is just life:)

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