Friday, October 16, 2009

A Boy....ALL BOY

So this is how things were going with Mister E. He runs, climbs and plays. I must say, he is very fast on his feet and was not in to the whole picture taking thing. But I stalked him (especially outside) and finally got a few really good pictures of him that i was please with.

It's so cute to watch how he gets in this swing...he gets way back and gets a running start.

I was able to talk him into sitting on the steps outside for me but he wasn't giving in with a smile. But who cares with those eyes!

He is very serious about his driving skills in the picture to the left. Then in the picture to the right, he is showing me the ant beds.

And then there is this favorite. This is actually an action shot that we were trying to get with his mother but he has his back turned b/c he is trying very hard to get away and he looks back to see if I am still there....and I was!

And here is the whole happy family together. They all really were very great and even dad smiled and didn't seem to mind having his pictures made...guess most men aren't like my husband:) I can't wait to do more pictures of them soon!

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