Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where does the time go...

Soon Rylee will be six! It is 2009!!!!! I was born in the 1900's...doesn't that make me seem older even if it was closer to the end of the 1900's, still we are in the 2000's now. Well Rylee thinks it is funny anyways.
On this New Year's day I have tons (and tons) of resolutions although most of them seem to be out of my control. I guess I will list a few here so that I can look back on it next year to see if I managed to do these things.
1. Find a job working as few hours as possible! (my hubby likes this one...the find a job part).
2. Be nicer to my husband! (come to think of it he likes most of these)
3. Tap in to my faith and hand my worries to God!
4. Go to bed earlier.
5. Break the Internet addiction that I have. (O.k. this is the one that is least likely to happen)
6. Keep my house in order.
7. Stay out of Dr.'s offices this years!(Between Teg's dr.'s visits, therapies, Rylee and my anxiety issues we spend a lot of time with medical professionals).

I know most of these are random things and but for me they are things that I need to do. I have really lost focus on lots of things lately so a new year is upon us....Let's take advantage of it!

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