Monday, January 12, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I did not already break my New Years Resolution for going to bed earlier by staying up until midnight surfing the web for four days in a row. Oh wait...If I had done that then that would be two of my resolutions I have already broken. You know the whole trying to stay off the computer thing.

Really...this week that's all I got. I'm to tired and have lots of sewing to do. But I wanted to post so you guys could link up and visit MckMama to see other peoples not me's.


  1. Great not me monday. I think that you are the twentysomthing person I have read about that has broken the new year resolution. Dont be to hard on your self

  2. don't worry about it too much girl, I have broken my resolutions also.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs.

    have a great day