Friday, January 23, 2009

To tube or not to tube....

if that is your question, I say DO IT! I could scream it from the mountain tops. Tegan went from August to December with either an ear infection or being on antibiotics for an ear infection. His tummy did not like antibiotics so that would make him ill all the time. Well since Dec 17 we have had a different kid. He had tubes put in his ears and almost immediately we noticed that he was trying to repeat more words than before. We have had no ear infections so far and he is about ten times happier. I mean...he use to walk around here ill and crying all the time and now he runs around here playing and climbing on anything he can get to. Why didn't we get tubes put in sooner I don't know.

The only part that sucks about the process is that apparently an ENT's office is a very popular hang out for people of all ages. Our follow-up visit this past week we waited for an hour and a half before ever even being called back in to a room and then that is a whole different story which involves crying (both mommy and baby) and lots of pee! Needless to say I was ready to get out of that place. But the Dr. said his ears look great! All that horror in the waiting room for 2 minutes of Dr. McDreamy time...nice!
Anyways if your kid has lots of ear infections I highly recommend checking in to getting tubes.

This is Tegan's favorite place to sit and climb all over. He actually uses this chair to get on to higher furniture.

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