Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tough Times...

These days you turn on the news or read the paper and all you hear is how another big business is closing up shop, people are being laid off left and right and the cost of food is going up. I think I read recently that McDonald's is the only stock that went up in the past year. Well I have always ate McDonald's so I guess that really isn't different for me. Some days it really does feel that bad and others I just wonder if the news has just said it so much that we are all just starting to believe it and panic. Well I will tell you that there is no way to find a job during this economic least I can't. So I have went back to my love of fabric and sewing. Apparently the news has convinced me that I need to start making money and I need to do it fast. So I have been sewing a lot and trying to sell some fabric in my etsy shop. Don't you want to buy something????? (HA!)


These fabrics below make great little girl dresses or anything you can think of!

I have lots more fabric choices in my shop....want you stop in for a while!!!!

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  1. I feel ya girl...I am working like crazy these days, too. Keep your head up!