Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today She turns SIX!

When wearing a dress or top I made for her and someone compliments her on it she responds sweetly by saying "Thanks my mommy made it"!

I was going to do a video thing like I did for Tegan but when my computer got hit by lightening all my pics are lost so I couldn't get them on the new one in time.

Friday night my little girl had her first slumber party. As I sat and listened to the girls talk, play and have fun I thought of all that she will go through as a girl growing up. The fun things she will experience with friends and the not so fun things. You know, those things that at 16 you think will definitely kill you and you will never recover from them. If there is a way to teach a young girl not to feel that way, someone please let me know.

Her with her friends at her first slumber party!

Today she turns SIX! I still feel like it was yesterday when she was born although some days I am wondering how long before she is going to be grown. She was born by emergency c-section at 9:14 on Jan. 11. I was huge pregnant and so ready to be done that by my 37 week check-up I had willed myself to be "progressing" and even as the Dr. was saying it was to early he very quickly realized that I was a very determined and dilated person. The next day I go in to be induce with the little lady who had to make a dramatic grand entrance and didn't want an audience for it. I was put to sleep and Paul wasn't allowed to witness her birth. She came home a healthy little lady four short days later in which I started a 10 month battle with postpartum.

This girl is not shy. She doesn't hesitate to sing in front of a large crowd. She most recently was given a prize at school by her principle b/c she went to every classroom on her hall and stood up front (ALONE) and sang songs for them. She is a lot like her mother in many ways and one of those most being that she has ZERO patience and will ask something over and over again. She is wise beyond her years and already talks to us like a teenager. Is it possible we could be getting that part over with early. I digress, She is for the most part a perfect child. She can already read and knows her sight words after one showing of them. She loves hot pockets and would live off of them if I let her (which for the most part I do). She hates the outside and being hot, doesn't care for animals unless they are stuffed, and will sing and dance for anyone who will listen (over and over again). Maybe she will make something of this performing thing one day. She did dance but said it took to long, then moved on to cheerleading which she liked but grew tired (as did her mom) toward the end but already misses it and now we are on to piano lessons. She loves candy...a trait which her Papa (Paul's dad) left for her before he passed. She was a few months shy of four years old when her Papa passed away but still remembers how he use to take her to a store and ask for a brown sack and let her fill it up with candy and how he would sit on the screened in porch after a meal and they would eat ice cream sandwiches together. She loves her brothers...I say brothers b/c she is the only person in my daily life that constantly mentions Cohen. Her and Tegan have a special bond and she basically lets him do what he wants which usually includes him beating her to death while she laughs or at least tries to protect herself. She watches him and stops him from doing things he shouldn't...she is like his second mom. She has recently learned to give herself a shower which was the last thing she needed to do to become independent from me. Although she says things like "I miss the good old days when you use to give me a bath".
This girl is a rare little lady. She is my daughter which I can't imagine life without and look forward to days ahead with her. She was my saving grace when losing a child and continues to amaze me at how much she feels it. I have somehow blinked and she isn't just a toddler anymore. When I ask her to promise she will never grow up and never leave me she responds by saying, "Oh mommy don't be silly we all have to grow up, get married and have our own space. But don't worry I will never have kids b/c I don't want to be cut open". O.k. so we haven't gotten far enough yet to make her understand that there are other ways to have a baby...we are a c-section family albeit not by choice.
I love you Rylee and Happy Birthday!!!!

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