Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

Let me see....oh yes, I almost's Not Me Monday again!

I did not go shopping at 12:00 am on Thanksgiving night/black Friday just to get a good deal at Carters. I did not buy 22 pieces of clothing at carters but if I would have it would have been 80% off b/c they let me use my coupon.
I did not walk around that outlet mall shopping for some deals until 2:00 am and then sneak through the McDonald's drive thru before coming home. I also did not promise Rylee she could go shopping with me just so she would stop asking and then the next morning when she asked if I went shopping I most certainly would not lie to her and tell her that I tried to wake her up but she wouldn't get up. If I did that then she most certainly would not have believed me. (No seriously...she didn't believe me)

I most certainly did not ALMOST say words that my children should never hear to a woman who cut in front of me in line to see Santa. By the way that woman was not wearing a tank top with her blessings hanging out all over the place in 35 degree weather. I most certainly did not throw up in my mouth!


  1. Funny...I have missed you. I have a book fair tonight, but I plan to call you on Tues or Wed.


  2. Yes! I am not the only mom who has left her kids at home and "pretended" she tried to get them to go!