Monday, December 29, 2008

And so it is over....

All the shopping, wrapping, decorating and cooking!'s over and I am tired. We started Christmas on Wed. (Christmas Eve) and finally finished on Saturday. My kids were both just so ready to be at home. For four days Tegan would wake up, leave, come home for a 3 hour nap (that would start 2 hours late), get up and go again, come home and go back to bed for the night. So he is ready to be home. Rylee was so ready to be home that when we told her at 4:00 yesterday afternoon to get out of her p.j.'s b/c we were running to walmart, she just fell to pieces. She did not want to leave. She informed me that we were not leaving the house all week! She doesn't realize there is more holiday festivities this week!

We had a wonderful Christmas and the kids got more stuff than any kid needs. It was great that lots of people gave them nice clothes b/c they really needed them. I bet each kid got about 15 outfits a piece, 4new sets of pajamas, 2 pairs each of new shoes and new coats.
Rylee got her REAL digital camera, mp3 player, karaoke machine, movie, Taylor Swift CD, lava lamp, baby doll and some small filler stuff. Then from family she got to much stuff to list!
Tegan got a baby grand piano, a rather large wood bead maze (love this thing) and just a few small filler items. He too got to much to list from family.
I received my most favorite gift ever, a Northface jacket. Paul got a scope for his gun. We both got lots of other stuff too! It was great to be us this year!
Picture overload below...

Looking at what Santa brought!

Monkey see! Monkey Do!

Hiding from the Christmas Eve Crowds!

Want to see my Belly Button???? A new trick he learned!

Every time Rylee plays with one of his toys he just goes and sits on her and takes over.

Family picture. We are all looking a little rough after not really getting ready on Christmas morning before going to grandma's. It is like 12:00 in this pic but everyone is in the pajamas.

Tegan's most favorite toy of Christmas!

Her very first sewing machine from her mommy!

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