Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hours of Cheap Entertainment

Yes...after years of saying I wanted to do a gingerbread house I finally gave in and forked out a whole $10 for a kit. Apparently I got the hard kit b/c my frosting had to be made. A friend told me that their frosting was already made and easy to do. NOT MINE! Of course I put to much water in the powder for the frosting b/c as we were decorating the frosting was running down the sides before it could harden. But who cares....it still turned out great and not to mention kept me and Rylee busy together for a solid two hours. She loved every minute of it. Tegan has been walking by it and picking candy off it even though it has been sitting on our kitchen table to weeks now. I am sure that the candy is old but just try to keep a 27 lb sixteen month old away from it.

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