Monday, December 22, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

My poor children...

I did not literally sit on Tegan's upper body twice a day and hold him down to the floor so that I could put his ear drops in after having tubes put in last week.

I did not let him play in the recliner and after being called by Rylee to come over the baby gate and hear a VERY loud boom only to see that Tegan hit the floor head first tonight. He did not get mad at me and just crawl to a corner in the living room and lay down and not move for a few minutes. I was not getting ready to get out of my warm pj's to rush him to the emergency room when he suddenly jumped up as if nothing happened. I think he was mad at me....or would have been had this happened.

Noticing a theme....poor Tegan!

I do not have to check facebook at least twice an hour to make sure I am still caught up on every ones mood for the day! FACEBOOK IS A BLACK HOLE!

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