Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday and "Not Me!" Monday


I did not have to completely pull all the decorations off my tree this past week so that I could string up some lights b/c the lights on my pre-lite tree decided to only work for a minute each day. I do not have a whole bunch of lights that are not working still on my tree.

We did not take Rylee and her friend to the Christmas Parade Sunday. There was not a long line of old cars (they should put a limit on those)in the Parade at which time we told Rylee and Emma it was over and got the heck out of the cold. I would never do that to her....especially before Santa even came by.

I did not try to hold Tegan down just to get a good Christmas card picture.

For the Grand Finale....I did not have to hold a cup under Rylee at the Dr.'s office and let her practically pee all over my hand and get almost none in the cup. Then I did not have to take her back for another test and make her stand there chugging water while running her hand under hot water (it worked when we were teenagers) just to get her to pee all over my hand again so that I could get the heck out of there! I would never do that!

Hope you enjoyed my taste of parenthood this week!

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