Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The boy got tubes...

So this morning we were at the hospital at 7:00 am (to early for me) to meet up with Dr. McDreamy! By 7:30 a nurse came in to take my little man right out of my arms. I was very worried about this b/c he has such anxiety about going to anyone. It was weird...the whole time we were waiting he was cool as a cucumber and just sat very still playing in my lap. Then the MALE nurse came in to take him back. Tegan reached quietly for Paul and then Paul handed him to the nurse and they walked away WITHOUT a sound! It was amazing. He was so grown up and just looked at the nurse with the funny looking scrub hat like he was curious. By 7:50 Dr. McDreamy, I say this b/ would just have to see him....I digress. Anyway McDreamy was out and talking to me and Paul and said everything went great. They came to take us back to him and I could hear him screaming from afar. Bless his heart he was trying to wake up but apparently couldn't get his eyes to open yet. He continued to scream for about 15 minutes then suddenly calmed down and woke up. By 8:30 we were on our way home. He was great once we got home except for some very messy diapers and a whole lot of screaming when I put his ear drops in. Let's just pray that this helps so that we can stop this rotation of ear infections and antibiotics. I hope my little boy is back tomorrow.

I posted twice today...see the post below.

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