Friday, November 28, 2008

Short and Sweet!

We had a great Thanksgiving. Rylee was wild and Tegan hardly made a sound all day. I have decided that Tegan is a rambler. He just rambles around from one thing to the next and you hardly notice him there...that is when you are at other peoples house. Let us be home alone and the kid thinks I should sit in the middle of the living room floor 24/7. Anyways, he did great even though he was three hours late getting a nap and then took a really short one. I am still tired from my night last night but you will have to find out what I "DID NOT DO" on not me Monday. Sorry there are no new pics but I never even thought about picking up my camera. I promise I won't disappoint at Christmas.
Oh wait I forgot to say that Tegan is pouring snot again. Let's just hope he doesn't have another ear infection before seeing the ENT on Tuesday!

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