Monday, December 15, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

The weeks just keep going by. How does this keep happening....tomorrow it will be Christmas. Or close enough.

Anyways Not me Monday is underway and I have decided to join in yet again but I have definitely had my fair share of things that one should not post about on their blog.

It did not lightening one time at my house on Wed. only to fry my computer and mess up my phones. I did not have to go to Best Buy and pay a small fortune for a new computer b/c I am so addicted to the Internet that I could not live without it.

I do not go back to bed every single morning after Paul and Rylee leave and sleep until 9:00 while Tegan is hanging out and playing in his bed.

We did not shop for 11 straight hours on Saturday while dragging our kids from store to store just b/c I couldn't stand not being done with all my Christmas shopping.

For the big one of the week... I did not chase Tegan all over our church last night while also trying to watch Rylee in the Christmas program. I did not pick him up when he wasn't exactly wanting it just so he could throw a fit and bust my lip open with his very hard head. If this would have happened it probably would have bleed a lot.

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