Thursday, December 11, 2008

Therapy...a thing of the past!

Well I figured I would do a little update for those of you who care since I may not have a computer for a few days after today. It's been raining here for two full days now and apparently there was one strike of lightening all day yesterday and that one strike got my computer. Go figure. It is at the repair place seeing if anything can be done....if not then I guess we are due for a computer upgrade. I borrowed a laptop but I have to give it back tonight so I won't be internet connected tomorrow. I must say that I had an anxiety attack at the thought of not having internet. I mean....what else will I do? I'll tell you what I did before I got the laptop yesterday, laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cooked supper, played with Tegan, made Rylee a pillowcase top for Christmas, etc... Yes that's right, it has came to my attention that I spend way to much time on the computer looking at useless things it like an addiction to the this black hole where all my time goes and I can't seem to get it back. So maybe I will get lots done tomorrow while I have no computer at all!

Now for the great news that Tegan has officially graduated out of Occupational therapy. That means he is done with both physical and occupational therapy. I am so excited, not just the fact that I don't have to sit there and watch him suck on toys that goodness knows who has touched but b/c he is doing so well that he doesn't need it. She hadn't seen him in about two months b/c he has had one ear infection after another so I kept having to cancel his appointments so when she saw him yesterday she said she seen nothing wrong with him at all and he really showed off by walking all over the place. It was a good day. He smiled and waved and said bye bye all the way out the door like he knew that he had accomplished something great! That boy amazes me everyday!

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