Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Lots of changes seem to be coming my way these days but one of the biggest is what I have been praying for within myself. Learning to LET GO of things and not always voice my opinion is like trying to teach an old dog new's rough. My husband is wonderful at being able to just shut up and walk away from situations when he knows that no matter what he says the other person will not hear him. Me on the other hand...not so blessed with that quality.
I hate for people to always compare their life situations to mine. Sometimes I want to scream and say I listened to you now shut up and listen to me. All the time this happens. Lots of people in this world make me feel this way....LOTS! I try to be nice and have conversations with people or answer their questions and all that ends up happening is me getting frustrated. I keep thinking to myself that I can't do better and change if the devil keeps doing this to me but then I realize that the only way I will know that I have changed or am doing better is if GOD keeps doing this to me. This is a test! Have I mentioned it is rough! My night time prayers lately include asking God to just cover my mouth with his hand when he can see that I am about to react.
I've been pretty short on the blog lately. I haven't went in to great detail about what all is going on in our lives because my husband has made a great point to me. We need to stop worrying about everyone else and their lives b/c they don't seem worried about ours. We need to focus on the ones that live in our household and let the rest have their own lives. Out of respect for my husband, I am trying really really hard b/c I know he is totally right but the downside to doing this is that it seems to alienate us from family and friends. But right now what is best for us and what my husband ask me to do is best for everyone. Maybe living my life with my head in the sand would be a much more pleasant way to live.
There is an awesome and hysterically funny lady on facebook that post things on a daily basis! She makes more sense to me than she will ever know and while she is a for real comedian, she just might be changing my point of view about life! This was in her status update today:
At times you may feel the need to explain yourself.
Won't do any good for someone not willing to listen.
Allow them to be a turd and you ... LET IT GO.

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