Saturday, August 27, 2011

Four Years Later I have YOU!

On this day, four years ago, my little man was born.  He was perfect in every way and saved me in more ways than he could have imagined.  My family of three desperately wanted him and the day we got him did not disappoint. 
Full of energy.  Tough as nails.  Can and will overcome any obstacle.  Perfect in every way.  Has no fear of his mama but walks a straight line around his daddy.  Loves to aggravate his sister.  Constantly jumps on the furniture.
 Can make a mess just by walking in a room. Loving. Precious. Spoiled rotten. Can throw a fit that will make a grown man blush and make his mama just give him what he wants. Loud...very loud.
Sneaky. Secretive. Hesitant yet adjust quickly these days. Loves school but doesn't let that stop him from begging me to just let him stay with me (and oh how I want to).
A character!  Can live off of liquids alone and doesn't really like food at all.  Can make you laugh even when doing something totally wrong.  LOVES his sister so very much.  Spoiled rotten by the sister whom adores him and mothers him daily.  Is his mama's baby and his daddy's boy.  Is quick to tell anyone who ask that his mama is the boss and so is he but not his daddy.
Loves "Banilla" ice cream and "Pantycakes".  Calls his underwear, unders and his pajamas, goodnights.  Gets up and dresses himself for school every morning.  Wild as can be with an attitude to match.  Sometimes shy.  Fast and has arms like an octopus.  Still sleeps with his little blue blankie every night and claims he can't live without it.  A great sleeper if he ever gets still long enough. 
  A blessing.  My saving grace.  Tugs at my heart strings daily.  Knows that we need him just as much as he needs us.  Awesomely carries the burden of being born right behind his angel brother.  Precious.  Sweet.  Perfect in every way. 

Happy 4th Birthday to my little Tegan!!!  We love you more than words can ever say!!!

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