Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day Jitters

Apparently I was the only one with first day of school jitters.  Ry has been ready to start back to school since about a week after last school year ended.  She started back last week and was so excited that she got up all by herself and ready by 6:30 AM.  I think she did a great job dressing herself.....

 My baby boy started pre-k today.  He was so excited to be going to the same school as his big sister for the first time.  I was worried to death about him but no worries, he walked in and was good to go!  I took a picture of them together this morning even though Ry was in her P.E. clothes.
 Seriously Mom....that's enough!
 He was very proud of his new backpack and metal spider man lunchbox.
 He has only been to his classroom one time, at open house but he was already able to lead us straight to his class this morning.  This is a huge anxiety of mine b/c we aren't sure if they will let big sister walk him to class or not and the pre-k class is at the furtherest (is that a word?) point from the front door as you can get at that school.  He has to make three turns!  It is a really long walk for a little boy who is still three until the end of the month.
 He walked in, gave his Daddy and I a hug, sat down and said bye.  It made it so much easier on me to have him be so OK with it.  He never really adjusted to half day preschool last year at a much smaller preschool so I fully expected tears today....from him and me!
Luckily I didn't cry although I did think about just sitting in the car in the parking lot all day.  I was really early in the car rider line today too!  There was one mama that was having a horrible time.  She was sobbing and her husband was literally holding her up all while their son looked at her like she was a nut.  As we say in the south....Bless Her Heart!
And here is one more picture of my sweet girl on her first day.  She has to be the most awesome kid ever! 

Now I am just praying that tomorrow will be another great day!!

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