Friday, August 12, 2011

Hanging and Tagging

Tagging and hanging!  I am getting the kids clothes ready for a big fall consignment sell.  This part is not fun but the check will be worth it....I hope!  I have to get it done tomorrow b/c I am not sure if I will have time after that.  I still have ALL of Tegan's clothes to do!!! 

While Tegan did great yesterday morning for pre-k, the same can't be said for today.  He was fine and seemed excited.  He practically ran down the hall to get to his class.  But once we got there and several kids were standing there crying, he wasn't very happy.  Then it got worse when one little boy was crying so hard he threw up....apparently he had Mountain Dew with his breakfast.  Being the son of a germaphobe, Tegan begged me to bring him home.  I had to leave him there a little upset and I was very very sad about it.  It was much harder on me today than yesterday.  I am just praying that he will do OK next week or else his daddy will have to take him b/c I can't leave him when he is upset.  There is one thing for sure, that boy is tired after a full day of school!  They still lay down and rest or nap in pre-k but he says he sleeps with his eyes open.  In other words, he doesn't go to sleep at all.  So at about 7:00 PM he starts to fall apart.  He will cry at the drop of a hat and will stand there saying that he doesn't "feel berry good" over and over again.  Poor guy!  On the bright side he knocks right out at bedtime!!!  Now if I can just force myself to bed earlier so that I am not so tired all day.  For some reason I still can't make it to bed until 12:00 AM and that is early for me!

Ok...back to hanging and tagging:(  Happy weekend everyone!

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