Friday, August 19, 2011


Happy Friday to all three of my faithful readers:)  I wanted to share a video and blog with you that I have been keeping up with for a while.  When trying to decide what to title this post, I decided to create FAITHFUL FRIDAY! 
It is no secret that I a christian.  Although I love to think that I am faithful, even I have been beaten down by life.  Horrible things have happened in my short 31 years and most of those were in the past 5 years of my life.  But so many awesome things have also happened.  Things that pick me back up and carry me through.  The same God that allows me to experience grief, fear and turmoil in my life also picks me up and blesses me with the good and the bad.  We pull ourselves up in sadness and tragedy.  We fight for what we want!
I have been keeping up with a blog for a while now called Ty Louis Campbell....Our Little Fighter.  It first attracted me b/c Ty is very close to Tegan's age.  It pulled at my heart strings for sure.  I have prayed for this little boy that I don't know and I have most definitely prayed for his parents.  His mom is ever faithful.  Though I know she gets brokenhearted, she doesn't stop.  She believes in her son but she also believes in God's will.  She fights for his little life daily and it seems that she has a calling to do this for her son. She posted a video today on You Tube called "365 Days Of Cancer".  I cried as I watched it and wanted to share it. 

I hope his mom remains forever faithful no matter what the outcome is.  I pray that her testimony is her keeping the faith and how God pulled her son through this! 
Hug your kids this weekend and enjoy time with them!!!!

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