Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Week

This week has been a week filled with many changes.  Some good and some bad.  Some I hope to last a while and some I hope to never experience again.  Sadness and happiness all in the same week. 

I finally started my new job this week.  So far it is the best job I have ever had.  I love it!  I am working at a hospital in my area doing hearing screenings on all the newborn babies.  It is a perfect job for me where I get to do some patient care but without having to worry about any more school right now.  It is very flexible and PERFECT for a mother!!!  My start time is flexible and the time I leave everyday is flexible.  I don't have to depend on anyone else to get my kids to school or pick them up....I can do it!  I am working with this great lady who through what has been a very rough week for me, has found a way to make me laugh.  At first I wasn't to excited about my job hunt.  With both kids being in school all day long, it was just time.  I am ready to move forward and help contribute again but I still wanted to be able to do what I had to do for my kids.  This job literally landed in my lap.  I waited to start it once I had the kids settled in school.

This is my new adventure that I have been anticipating.  I am still able to continue my work on Paper Pretty and do this also.  I love both jobs very much and feel good about where I am right now!  I am excited about what all the future holds!!!  But I am back to a life that no matter how much I love my job, I look forward to Friday!!! 

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