Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Brand New Mommy...

When Tegan came along and my husband started working 2nd shift, I pretty much shifted to survival mode. Every afternoon, Monday through Friday, I was on my own with the kids, supper, bath time, bedtime, house, everything. While I am a stay at home mom, I had to look for ways to simplify and that meant letting my independent little girl take on more responsibility. My husband switched to a 1st shift job over a year ago but for whatever reason I have never shut off that survival mode.

Since Ry started kindergarten (she is now a 3rd grader) I have never taken her to school in the mornings. Her daddy has just always done that for me so that I didn't have to wake Tegan up and drag him out of bed. I picked her up from school her whole first year but then at her request and to make my life a lot easier, I started letting her ride the bus. Unfortunately it didn't take her long to start hating the bus but at this point it was just easier to make her ride it. When it came to extracurricular activities I would let Rylee do them but I wouldn't say I was exactly happy about all the running around it involved which in turn I think would discourage her from wanting to continue on. Although I have worked a brief job and found amazing ways to make money from home, I have been here every single day for the kids...ALL DAY LONG.

Well these darn kids have had the nerve to grow up and are now both in school all day long. So here I am, in this awesomely yet eerie quiet house all by myself. While I have dreaded my baby boy joining my baby girl in the school world I do feel like I am somewhat of a brand new mommy. We now all four get up at the same time every morning which is very helpful when your daughter wants to dress crazy and your husband doesn't care what she wears b/c it is my fault that I am sleeping late:) I am taking both kids to school every morning and now going to pick them up every afternoon. I just couldn't put my pre-k (still 3 year old child) on the school bus and Rylee couldn't have been happier about that b/c she was begging to get out of riding the bus. I put Ry in gymnastics once a week and am doing it with a more positive feel to it. No complaints, no worries, just focusing on her and hoping that she loves it and sticks with it. I have recently started my new little business that I enjoy and love doing! Then I decided to make a big leap of faith and start another new adventure that I am so super excited about. To say that the most amazing opportunity has fallen in my lap would be an understatement.

My point is that I have felt somewhat disconnected the past 4 years...not from my kids and husband but from other outside world things and just from moving forward in life. I have lost focus and wasted lots of time but I feel like I am coming out of that. I am moving forward and loving my new "more involved" (not that I wasn't involved before) mommy role that I have taken on and very excited about all the other changes happening. I am happy to welcome what seems to be a nice new season in to my life and hopeful that it will take me to great places!!!

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  1. Yay!! Can't wait to hear all about the new opportunity.

    Question - are you still making camera straps? If so, I need to order one please :)