Friday, September 2, 2011

Wait...What month is it??

Is it just me or is this year FLYING by??  I can't believe we are already in to September but oh so thankful that I have almost survived yet another horribly hot and rain free summer.  I LOVE fall and can't wait to see the leaves changing and feel that cool air.  Of course in Georgia, fall only last for 3 days before it is winter time:)

Life is moving along at such a busy pace.  Things are keeping me so busy that there isn't even much time for facebook....probably just what I needed to break the addiction!  The job has been busy.  I love it but have to admit that I am not as young as I use to be.  All this running up and down the halls of the hospital and working all day without sitting down at all, might just be taking its toll on me b/c tonight my legs, feet, back and even my ribs are hurting.  Crazy I know.  I'm sure once I get a little more use to things that I will be OK. 

Tegan is begging me every night with his sweet little voice to "Pwease not make me go to Cool!".  Unfortunately he must go while I work.  We are preparing for his eye surgery in less than two weeks.  Well not in the actual sense but in the prayer sense!  I am scared and not ashamed to admit it. 

Rylee is doing great and has started gymnastics.  She loves it which makes my heart very happy! 

Boring post I know but there have been lots of other things going on that I just can't wrap my tired little head around tonight.  Things that I may or may not ever be able to put in to words or to even blog about.  Right now I am just thankful for my little family, my job, my house and my little world within these walls!

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