Friday, March 25, 2011

One Boy and One Girl...

There once was a girl and a boy who even though they knew lots of the same people, they had never met each other. The girl worked at a retail store with a friend right next to a grocery store. The girl and her friend would get bored at work and people watch out the front window. One day the girl saw this guy and said he was cute. The friend ran out the front door and apparently knew the guy. She worked her magic and set the girl and boy up on a blind date (I say blind b/c the girl only saw the boy from a distance). The girl and boy went on their first date and have never went a single day since without talking to each other. Four months after their first date the very nervous boy asked the very excited girl to marry him. Three months later they said "I DO".
It has been ten years since I married my best friend. Ten very long short hard easy blessed years! We have been thrown lots of curve balls and have had just as many hard times as we have good times but yet here we stand...together. Life means so much more when you walk through it with a partner in crime by your side. Not just a spouse but a person you can count on, believe in and trust with all your heart!!! To this day I still look forward to seeing my husband every day after work and still get a smile on my face when he randomly text "I Love You" in the middle of the day. NO ONE can make me as angry as he can nor as happy has he can. He can change my whole mood with a single it good, bad or aggravating. He is so very special to me and I totally plan to never live a day in my life without him (he promised I could die first:).
Our anniversary was actually yesterday but this whole job thing is kicking my butt so I am just now getting around to it plus Rylee had soccer practice last night so there wasn't much extra time. Tonight we went out to eat to celebrate and believe me these days going out to eat is celebration in its self b/c my husband is obsessed with the Dave Ramsey plan so eating at home for every single meal is the new normal. We went as a family of four and Rylee asked why were we taking them with us, I replied that the two of them were our greatest accomplishment in the last ten years of our marriage so we wanted them with us.
When you have a wonderful man by your side, life is good even when it is bad!


  1. This is so sweet. When God makes a match they are always great! I feel the same way about Olen. We will be celebrating 11 years in about 3 weeks! :)