Monday, March 7, 2011


My son seriously has stopped calling me Mommy and has decided to start calling me "Old Crazy". Awesome! He even did it out in public several times today and I could hear people laughing at him.

I seriously saw a girl in her twenties at the grocery store this morning wearing a nightgown, pajama pants and a bath robe. Double Awesome!

I took Tegan to the Dr. this morning for what I had already diagnosed as a sinus infection. Almost 2 hours later, we finally got to leave to come home with medicine for a sinus infection:)

I seriously got busted playing the tooth fairy last night. I played it off as just covering her up before I went to bed but I don't think she believed me. Kind of how she was talking about wanting something in her Easter basket and I told her I didn't make her Easter basket, the Easter bunny did. She giggled, rolled her eyes and walked away...does that mean she doesn't believe in things like the Easter bunny anymore? I just need one more Christmas with her believing in Santa and then I will want one more.

I seriously got nauseous while talking to my sister over the phone as she was talking about the brutal stomach virus that has gotten in their house. Last time I checked you can't catch a virus through the phone but I don't want to take my chances:) Then the very next night in an attempt for my brother-in-law to torture me, we walked right in to my husband's sister's house only to find out she was recovering from a stomach virus. Whew...I'm nauseous just typing it.

I am in serious need of a nap today!

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