Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Headaches Be Gone!!!!

I have always been a headache person. I can remember being in elementary school and coming home with headaches at least twice a week. In my adult years that seemed to get worse and some days I was taking up to 8 Tylenol a day. When Tylenol quit helping I started taking lots of Advil and Excedrin migraine. That is until all that stuff started to mess with my stomach and I'm afraid the damage is done now. I can honestly say that I would have anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week that I would have a headache. Some days I could still function but then I would have what we in the south call a "Sick Headache" or better yet...a migraine. I would literally just have to stop functioning, lay down and feel like I would throw up at any minute.

I have to say that when a facebook friend told me to try wearing a certain kind of necklace, I thought she was crazy but when you have lived with bad headaches as long as I have you will try anything. So I went and got me a Phiten Necklace. Now I know this is crazy but I will never go a day in my life without wearing this darn thing again!!!!! In fact the one I have is starting to look a little worn out and that is what I am asking for if my husband decides to get me a Mother's Day gift this year:) Now you can google these and get the details on how these work but basically lots of athletes wear them and they are suppose to help with aches and pains and plus give you energy. Now I can't say that I have any more energy now than I ever have (which isn't much these days) but as far as the headaches go....AWESOME!!!! I have went from 12 to 25 headaches a month to TWO headaches a month and those aren't that bad. Usually medicine wouldn't help me, now it does. I can pinpoint and tell you that the only reason it isn't helping my two headaches a month is b/c those are "time of the month" headaches and I don't think there is any cure for those. But in all honesty I have had this necklace about six months and to say it has changed my life would NOT be an overstatement. I love it...I live by it! I also want to mention that even when I have had a few colds that would normally make me miserable, I swear they haven't ever gotten to bad b/c of this glorious necklace. These necklaces are sold at sports places, we got ours at Academy Sports and they start at $19.99 and go way up. I just got a $19.99 one and it has been great!
If you have headaches you have got to try one of these. I promise, you won't regret it!

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