Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Noises in the night...

I hear noises in my house all night long. It is nothing for me to wake my husband up one or even two times in the night to see what the noise was. Of course there is never anything there and I end up apologizing all the way back to bed...yes he makes me get up with him. Funny how I hear every little noise and he hears nothing. It is funny b/c I hear the good, bad and funny in the night.
Last week was a week full of "noises in the night" around here. Some made me giggle and others made me shove my body under my husband and shake myself to sleep. The week started when I heard a large thump but didn't think it came from the kids end of the house. I decided to investigate and since my husband was playing dead and wouldn't respond to me I had to go alone. I found my little man laying in the floor with his comforter and all...sound asleep. How in the world you fall off the bed and never wake up is beyond me. A couple nights later I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and could see a faint light shining from the kitchen in to the living room. Arming myself with my cell phone (b/c apparently I was going to call them to death) I was shocked to turn the corner and there stood my little man with the refrigerator door open eating grapes. I scared him to death but I couldn't stop laughing at him when he turned to me and said "I got hungry". It was 3:30 in the morning!!!
Then there is the not so funny. I'm not sure I even believe in ghost but if I did I would place money on the fact that we have one in this house. Anyone who knows my kids will tell you that they have the same exact voice. When my back is turned and one of them say Mama, it is hard to tell which one is saying it. I have no doubt that our angel Cohen would have been the same way. I have these nights when I have had a bad day that I hear something that always terrifies me and then brings me sudden peace. I will hear the voice of my children whisper "Mama". Most of the time it is faint but recently I was laying in the bed wide awake and from our bedroom doorway I heard the voice of my children say "Mama" somewhat loud. In fact it was so real that I sat straight up in the bed fully expecting to see one of my kids standing there. Only they weren't. I jumped out of bed and ran to their rooms but they were both knocked out so I knew it wasn't them. Sometimes after I hear it I feel this sudden warmth coming over me. I'm sure it is just the blood flow starting back up in me after the fear but I like to believe it is the arms of my little boy. I guess you could say that the noises in the night, no matter how funny or scary, are little blessings from God to comfort me when I feel so lost and to remind me that there are always blessings...even in the night!

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  1. Oh, Tabatha, that is so amazing. I have no doubt that Little Angel Cohen is in Heaven, the best place anyone can be, but that doesn't mean that God would let him miss out on a hug from his mom sometimes! If it makes you happy to feel that warmth, embrace it. You are such a strong woman. This gave me goosebumps and I can't imagine what you've had to go through in the past. But your strength and help from God has helped you through it and it is a great testament to God's love.
    Blessings - Tara Wood