Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old McDonald

Tegan and Paul like McDonald's but Rylee and I aren't very crazy about it. My issue has something to do with a video they showed me in Anatomy class and how the hamburgers and chicken nuggets come to be before arriving at the popular fast food chain. The thought has turned my stomach ever since.
Paul and Tegan had guys night last Friday night and when he asked Tegan what he wanted for supper he answered with "chicken nuggets (yuck) from Old McDonald's". It is so cute to me that he calls it that. Sorry...all the above doesn't have much to do with the blog post but I just had to give background as to why I titled the post like I did.

Do you ever go to a restaurant, fast food or sit down, and have someone wait on you that is just so totally unhappy with their job that they make your experience miserable?? I have been through numerous drive thru's where the employee never even so much as speaks to me much less make eye contact. It makes for a horrible experience. This morning I had to run to get something near an Old McDonald's and since I hadn't eaten I decided to run by and get an egg biscuit (that has to be safe to eat right??). There are two windows, one where you pay and one where you pick up your food. At the paying window the lady was your typical unhappy Old McDonald employee but it was the second window that changed my morning. There was a Hispanic man working at the second window. He was so happy. As he was handing me my awesomely unhealthy breakfast he looked at me, smiled from ear to ear and said "Good morning young lady! Isn't it a beautiful day!". I responded with a smile b/c obviously his was contagious and said "Yes sir it is". Before I drove off he said "you have a blessed and absolutely beautiful day".

Today is a day that I have heard several negative comments about a big change I am making in my life but that awesome man at the second window not only made my experience better but he also reminded me that a smile is contagious and that I can choose to be happy no matter what I am doing!

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